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This page contains information pertaining to humor research (e.g. academic humor journals, scientific organizations, conferences, etc.) and teaching of humor as an academic subject.

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What is ? 

  • Participants have been sought for a study on the individual differences to being laughed at in throughout the lifespan but particularly focusing on the over 60 year olds being conducted at the University of Zurich. The online survey (in English) can be found here. Contact.

  • Information on a humor training offered in the University of Zurich (in German)

Next ISHS conference/International summer school on humour and laughter (ISS):

  • ISHS 2009, Long Beach, California, June 17-21, 2009
    Chair: Amy Bippus, California State University, Long Beach
  • ISHS 2010, Aston University Hong Kong, June 24-27, 2010
    Chair: Xiaodong Yue, City University of Hong Kong
  • ISHS 2011, Boston, Massachusetts, July 5-9, 2011
    Chair: Patrice Oppliger, Boston University
  • ISS 2009, Granada, Spain from June 29 to July 4, 2009
    Local organizers: Dr. Hugo Carretero Dios and his team, University of Granada
  • ISS 2010, Zurich, Switzerland from July 5-10, 2010
    Local organizer: Prof. Willibald Ruch and his team, University of Zurich

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